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Build the company culture you always dreamed of


empowers executives to create inclusive workplaces by measuring and preventing non-inclusive behaviors

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Explore the Cassiopeia platform

With Cassiopeia, it’s easier to create a more inclusive and healthier company culture.

Employee Retention

Inclusive work culture can lower the turnover risk by up to 50%*

Engagement & Well-being

Employees in inclusive teams increase their performance by up to 56%*

Business Risks

Keeping the highest standards minimizes the risk for legal, brand and financial damages  

* Harvard Business Review, 2019, "The Value of Belonging at Work"

Use Cassiopeia's Smart Inclusion Map

to highlight teams with high probability for non-inclusive behaviors

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Empower Executives

with the data they need to drive change and foster a more inclusive workplace

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Nurture Healthy Company Culture

by implementing personalized training & best practices

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Measure & Communicate

the improvement in your company’s inclusion KPIs

Cassiopeia uses the highest levels of Data Security and is GDPR compliant

Most harassment, bullying and inclusion problems are preventable by employers wise enough to use Cassiopeia’s system of early detection and assessment.

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Gary Namie, PhD

Director of US Workplace Bullying Institute

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