Build the company culture you always dreamed of

Create a healthier company culture by using AI-based technology to measure non-inclusive behaviors, harassment and bullying

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Cassiopeia's impact

Employee Retention

Measure inclusion in your company, and retain employees by preventing escalation of non-inclusive behaviors 

Well-being & Satisfaction

Preventing non-inclusive behaviors decreases employee's depression, anxiety and stress

Company's Risk

Keeping the highest standards minimizes the risk for legal and brand damages  

The hidden cost

85% of non-inclusive behaviors go unreported, costing the average

mid-size company $2.25M every year*

* 2007 Personal psychology "a meta‐analysis of the antecedents and consequences of workplace sexual harassment"

Lead your company culture to the next level by using Cassiopeia


Stay vigilant

with our AI-based inclusion dashboard that highlights teams with high probability for non-inclusive behaviors

Empower HR

with data by adopting secure, two-way, anonymous communication channel

Nurture healthy company culture

by implementing personalized training & best practices

Cassiopeia uses the highest levels of Data Security and is GDPR compliant

Most harassment, bullying and inclusion problems are preventable by employers wise enough to use Cassiopeia’s system of early detection and assessment.

Gary Namie, PhD

Director of US Workplace Bullying Institute

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